jen gilleran 


gregory alan isakov

 "Jen fills the distance from her keen ear to her entire sonic kit with intelligence, heart, skill, and integrity - all in abundance. Whether we’re improvising or playing composed pieces, Jen gets inside my music and lays down exactly what fits, not as an accompanist but integrally, as an equal. I still feel the way I felt over ten years ago after our first rehearsals and performances together: I can’t wait to play with her again."


"I’ve had the honor of playing with Jen Gilleran for over a decade and she is by far the most musical, intuitive and passionate drummer I’ve ever heard. She puts her entire being into her playing, whether the kit, a cymbal, a piece of iron or wood, even a broom. There is something holy about watching her play. I’ve never seen anything like it."

janet feder

“Music comes first for Jen Gilleran. She is a percussive composer more than a drummer…always thoughtfully creating parts that compliment the arch of the song and lyrical content. Her sound is warm, her vibe is open, and she is an excellent  listener."        

allison miller