"jen has been my primary assistant engineer for the past year. i've always known that she could drum, but it was only recently that i was able to hire her to play on a session. i was floored. she came prepared and laid a foundation for the record that brought it to the 'next level'. much of my recording life is consumed by trying to capture drums well. i'm always overjoyed when the drummer is this good. it makes my life so. much. better. not only that, she can produce, engineer and tech the shit out of your drums. and just ask her about her collection of antique music boxes, victrola and other otherworldly sound makers. look, if you don't hire jen to record on your album, you are most likely a dumbass"

don farwell, owner of earwig studio

If Jen were just a drummer, she’d be best I’ve worked with. But she’s more than that: she’s a true percussion artist. From a simple guitar-and-vocal demo recorded on my phone, she built thoughtful and intricate parts that grounded each song and elevated them into something I had never imagined possible. She guided and shaped each song from the beginning, and her collaborative nature made bouncing ideas around in the studio inspiring and a ton of fun. Within a couple of hours, it was like we’d been playing together for years. I absolutely can’t wait to get back into the studio and work with her again.

                                                                                                   Jason Groce

The universe was really looking out for me when Jen became the drummer for my tracks!  Jen has a gestalt for interpreting a singer-songwriter's vision.  She elevated each of  my songs in a unique way that fits that song only.  Her approach was creative and sometimes unexpected, yet still felt super respectful to my originals,  pushing them into a place of stronger truth.  Jen masters the art of integrating technical precision with emotional  responsiveness.

Lynn Fahselt

Jen is fantastic! She was very prepared and fun to work with.

She also drummed on a few of my tracks and it sounds great.

- Anna Laube

Gregory Alan Isakov

Janet Feder
Fred Frith

Chris Pureka

Angie Stevens

Sally Van Meter​

Pharoah's Daughter
Thing 3
Reuben Radding
Rob Price
Dim Sum Clip Job
Midnight Kites
Amy Hoyt
The Indigo Girls

Tudor Arvinte

Lynn Fahselt

Anna Laube

Jason Groce


Listen to Jen's studio and live drumming here.