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It's been a while...

I'd love to say it is a post-Covid world, but it's not. I'd love to say our political system is not a nightmare and that the future does not feel invisible sometimes. All this has given me a sense of urgency and paralysis. I hope you and yours are surviving.

I can't seperate art from life. I don't think they are different. I used to judge gaming. I used to only think it was a first-person shooter scenario or Super Mario Bros. Now I'm taking a course at Berklee in gaming audio and, although I struggle with having anything to do with FPS, for reasons which should be obvious to anyone who has a pulse, I do really love composing for games that move me. There are many.

I've been laying low at the studio. I work from my home studio and I love it. 

Reach out if I can help you. Chin up.


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