Holy SHIT what a crazy, disorienting and tragic time to be alive. So much illness, death and stressful economic loss for so many.


AND Black Lives Matter fucking RULES. Great art is abundant. 1968 is back so what better time to delve into 1/4" tape? I've been digging my 4-track and am in the process of getting a professional deck in my home studio. 


I've been keeping busy in my home studio zooming with clients that have vocal and songwriting/arranging needs and it is AWESOME. I want to do it much more, so let me know if you need some studio prep before we get back into letting folks in to record at Earwig.


I also was and commissioned to compose a piece by the one and only Steve Peters of the Good Shepherd Chapel/Nonsequitor/Wayward Series. A local hero, Steve has given all us freaks opportunity and support through his quarantine podcast. I asked the master musician, Neil Welch to collaborate on this one. Listen with headphones, but don't move the dial from unity gain -trust me.

Let me know if I can help you shape your music and get you ready for the studio. PLEASE WEAR MASKS, PROTEST WITH BLACK LIVES MATTER AND HELP CHANGE THIS WORLD TO HONOR ALL OF US, EQUALLY.