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GRID and nineteen crimes are two projects that Jen has developed in Seattle. In 2013 she was commissioned by the Henry Art Gallery to set music to the 1927 Sci-Fi classic silent film, Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang. With over 10 musicians from Seattle, Colorado and New York, she directed, produced and performed both recorded and live music for a sold-out performance. The following year she was commissioned by the Northwest Film Forum for two performances of Metropolis, also to sold-out audiences. She took the films of Alan Lomax, Pete Seeger, Buster Keaton, Roberto Enrico, Maya Deren, Ilya Chaiken and others to Central Cinema, NWFF, The Royal Room, The Good Shepherd Chapel and at the Ballard Jazz Fest. She had the  honor of directing some of the most inspirational musicians she has ever worked with including Neil Welch, Sean Lane, Simon Henneman, Allison Miller, Gregg Keplinger, Don Berman, Christian Pincock, James Han, Rob Price and Joe Malcomb.

Watch and listen to clips from Metropolis here

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